Understanding Your Automatic Transmission

Everyone knows that their car has a transmission to help it function. However, few people know what the transmission actually does. That's why your friends at Hyundai of Seattle are here to inform you. And while there may still be many vehicles with a manual transmission out there, we will be talking about automatic transmissions today.

Essentially, an automatic transmission works a lot like an automatic gear starting device. It transfers power to your wheels and helps keep your car moving. Unlike older, manual transmissions, automatic transmissions come complete with a torque converter to keep your vehicle from struggling as you go up a hill.

Transmission fluid is a vital part in the running of your car. How much transmission fluid your car should have varies by vehicle model. Transmission fluid should be checked regularly and changed at regular intervals. Make sure to take your vehicle to the dealership on a regular basis to keep an eye on your level of transmission fluid.

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