Fuel Economy: Can You Get Better Mileage Out of a Tank of Gas?

Filling up your vehicle's fuel tank isn't cheap. Are you doing everything you can to get the best mileage out of every tank of gas? The team here at Hyundai of Seattle want to offer you some tips to improve your fuel economy.

Examine the way you drive. Do you speed? Do you weave in and out of traffic? Do you hit the gas hard when the green light turns green? All of these actions can impact your fuel efficiency. Stay within speed limits to maximize fuel efficiency. Also, use a lighter touch when accelerating. Both of these will help save fuel.

Keep your car well maintained and in good repair. Have it properly tuned and get the oil changed as recommended by the manufacturer. Check the tire pressure regularly. Get minor problems repaired to avoid major issues down the road. Call our service department in Seattle for any maintenance or repairs you need.


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