Take Your New Hyundai Out for a Scenic Drive near Seattle, WA.

One of the benefits of living in Washington State is the proximity to natural wonders like Mt. Rainier. That means Seattle drivers like you have the chance to enjoy scenic drives with your loved ones! So if you are planning on taking a trip in your newly purchased Hyundai of Seattle model sometime soon, then we encourage you to check out our recommendation: Olympic Highway.

Olympic Highway is one of the longest scenic routes in the area, measuring out to 264 miles. It circles around the Olympic Peninsula, which will allow you and your passengers to witness diverse scenery including mountains, oceans, forests, and more. Owners of off-road equipped vehicles like the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport may even want to go uphill to Hurricane Ridge where there are miles and miles of thrills to be found on the dirt paths of Obstruction Point Road. Drive along the hillside and you can even get a clear look of Crescent Lake which is a breathtaking sight.

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